Pat Nispel was an international marathon runner and brand ambassador and still is an accredited running coach, owner and head coach at P.A.T.42.2 Running and most importantly a husband and dad.

Pat has a strong passion for running and has been running all his life. Pat was born in Switzerland and he started out with cross country running and track and field; winning his first gold medal at the Junior Cross Country Swiss Championships when he was 17 and has since made many national teams for track, cross country, mountain and road running disciplines.

In 2007, Pat moved to Brisbane, Australia to work as an architect and to train with the legendary coach Pat Clohessy at the University of Queensland Athletics Club. In 2008, he had his most prestige track race win in Melbourne with the Zatopek 3000m Steeplechase in a time of 8:59.
Pat decided to make the transition from track to marathon in 2011 and ran his debut time of 2:23 at the Gold Coast Marathon, placing 10th overall. That year he also won the Australian and Queensland Mountain Running Championships and received his Australian citizenship allowing him to represent Australia in the World and Commonwealth Mountain Running Championships.

In 2012, he finished 3rd in the Senshu International City Marathon in Osaka Japan and in 2013, he finished 9th in the Zurich Marathon in 2:22, which placed him 3rd in the Swiss Championships and landed him a spot in the Swiss National team for the 2014 European Athletics Championships. With many wins across the Half-marathon distance of 21.1km, Pat continued to strive for highest level performances until his retirement from competitive running in 2018.

As an accredited running coach, Pat has coached runners from 800m to ultra-distances and has been the running coach for South Bank Tri Club from 2010 to 2018. As much as he is passionate about his own running, he loves coaching others to achieve their own goals.

Pat founded P.A.T.42.2 Running in 2013 to offer personal running coaching services in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast and online worldwide.

P.A.T.42.2 Running stands for many things related to Pat and his services; such as Personal Aerobic Endurance Training, Personal Training or Anaerobic Threshold. 42.2 is the marathon distance (in kilometers). The dots separate the different possible meanings and reflect the multiple steps it takes to achieve a goal. The line symbolizes the road an athlete travels on. The runner in the logo is an image of Pat during the last few hundred meters to finish 3rd in the Senshu International City Marathon in Osaka Japan in 2012.