Our first Tuesday and Thursday group run sessions in Southbank started in January 2010, which was an initiative between Lou from Dare2Tri (2XU at the time), Chris from Fiteducation (Fitnance back then) and Pat as a running coach and brand ambassador. Southbank Triathlon Club started in July 2010 with the support of 2XU and Fitnance as sponsors and the Tuesday and Thursday run groups were a welcome addition to the newly formed triathlon club.

group-sessions_running-groupsWith the formation of P.A.T.42.2 Running in 2013, the group sessions have been going strong ever since with regular attendance from between 30 to 70 people. The sessions have a great social vibe and are held in conjunction with Southbank Triathlon Club, which attracts a variety of athletes from multiple sporting backgrounds and levels in running abilities. We are an inclusive group and will make everyone welcome to try our sessions in a non-intimidating environment before deciding to join one of the 2 clubs depending on your focus; triathlon or running.

Wynnum Run Group

Our Wynnum Run Group is coached by Todd Dawson and currently meets every Wednesday morning for a variety of training sessions.


Training sessions for sporting clubs or corporate teams

group-sessions_corporateIf you would like us to organise a group training session for your sporting club or corporate team, we will customize this to the specific needs of your group. We have successfully run sessions for up to 200 people in the past and our weekly group run sessions regularly attract 30 to 70 people. Pricing starts from $140 per hour for an initial session with discounts for follow up or regular sessions available. Prices will depend on location, size of group, format of session and how many coaches we provide.

Our locations for group training sessions are:

  • Cowch – 179 Grey St, South Brisbane QLD 4101
  • Picnic Island Green South Bank – 15 Tribune St, South Brisbane QLD 4101
  • UQ Sport Athletics Centre – The University of Queensland Sir William MacGregor Dr, St Lucia QLD 4067
  • Toohey Forest – Toohey Picnic Area on Toohey Road, Nathan QLD 4111
  • Pelicans Nest by the Bay – 143 The Esplanade, Wynnum QLD 4178
  • Col Bennett Park – Ridgewood Road, Algester QLD 4115