We are a social running community with athletes from beginner to elite training for different events from 5k to ultra distances, half (21.1k) and full marathons (42.2k) on road, trail, track, and multisport events (triathlon, duathlon). Whichever event around the globe you are aiming for, our team of accredited coaches, trainers, sport dietitian and physiotherapists are passionate about helping you achieve your goals.


Seminars coming up:

18.01.2017  – Seminar 1

  1. About the P.A.T.42.2 Running – Marathon Club 2017
  2. How to prepare for long distance running events and avoid hitting the wall – Pat Nispel
  3. A practical presentation for body maintenance and self-treatment including the concept of SSTM® Injury Prevention Training. – Paul Trevethan

01.02.2017 – Seminar 2

  1. Training principles and methods to be successful in long distance running events. – Pat Nispel
  2. Eating on your feet: Fuelling for performance in long distance running. “You can’t out-train a bad diet”. – Taryn Richardson

Seminar 3 – Date TBC

  1. Running Injury Prevention as part of our 5 week Running Technique Course – Paul Trevethan & Pat Nispel