Running Form Analysis

Running well is about efficiency; any weakness or inefficiency in your running technique will limit your ability to improve both endurance and speed. Poor running form will also increase your risk of injury. Functional strength, stability, balance and co-ordination play an important part when it comes to addressing technical flaws.


To run well over varying distances and terrain requires different sets of techniques we can teach you. E.g. the technique to run 1500m on the track is very different to run off the bike in a long distance triathlon or running a hilly ultra trail event. Running is a learned skill like swimming or playing tennis, but sadly very few runners/ athletes make time to learn and fine tune their run technique, until it is too late and they become injured.

As everyone is different, we will tailor a session to your needs and goals. Typically we would cover all or most of the following points during a 1 hour Running Form Analysis:

  • a short warm up run (unless we tell you to do a training session before hand to see any technical flaws when you are pre-fatigued),
  • learn the essential dynamic stretches for proper warm up
  • a visual observation of your running form and a measurement of your cadence
  • video tape you from a few different angles
  • analyse and explain your run form in slow motion from top to bottom
  • address any flaws and weaknesses through specific drills and exercises that are very commonly practiced in athletics
  • look at your overall postural alignments and pick a few areas to work on e.g. head, arms, torso, hips, knees, feet.
  • we might include some strides or hill sprints at varying paces to practice your adjusted running form
  • if time allows; we will include a functional strength assessment too and prescribe exercises that will specifically help for your running goal
  • a few essential stretches for a proper cool down
  • within a few days you will receive your complete Run Form Analysis including at least 3 videos, 3 key points to work on, specific drills and exercises as well as any additional resources to help with your running form moving forward.

We recommend at least one follow up session after practicing your drills and exercises for a few weeks. This will help to reassess your running form and adjust your drills and exercises to the next level of difficulty for continued improvements.

Note: please wear a different colour top to shorts for video analysis purposes and bring your watch with GPS/ HR monitor if you have one.

Examples of improvement in technique pre and post running form analysis:

Red lines show initial analysis with green lines showing improvements at the end of a 1 hour session.