Running Technique Clinic

P.A.T.42.2 RUNNING is facilitating this running technique clinic for different sporting clubs and corporate team in Southeast Queensland. Please refer to calendar below for planned clinics or contact us to find a suitable day and time for your team.

Clinic Content

The content of the clinic will generally include the following but can be tailored to your team and individual needs as well:
  • Effective dynamic warm up for improved coordination and flexibility
  • Top 5 running technique tips explained plus taking videos
  • Drills and strides to practice good running form
  • Functional strength and balance for injury free running
  • Active recovery through foam rolling and trigger point release
Price is $30 per participant and discount can be offered for groups of 15 people and above. Participants are asked to  bring a gym mat if they got that available.




Optional Individual Running Form Analysis by Video

In addition to the clinic, P.A.T.42.2 RUNNING is offering individual video analysis for an extra $55 per person for those that want that. This is usually $110 for a 1-on-1 session but 50% discounted for participants of this clinic.
  • This includes individual follow up email with 3 videos (back, front, side analysis), 3 key points to work on and additional exercises to help with individual running form and strength.
  • More info about what to expect can be found on web-link here.
  • The individual Running Form Analysis can be purchased when singing up for the Clinic or afterwards.
  • Video analysis being completed and emailed back within 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Please wear a different colour top from bottom for video analysis purpose.